Innovation: a core value


                          For all global companies, developing a dynamic and sustainable innovation culture requires time, energy and dedication. At Gemalto innovation is one of our three core values. It is an essential component of all we do and to ensure we maintain our leadership position in Digital Security we invested €265 million in Research and Development in 2018. We regularly revisit our internal in??novative practices to ensure that the topic remains a high priority for our employees and partners.


                          35 R&D Centers??

                          3,000 +R&D Engineers


                          €265m R&D investment in 2018


                          An innovation mindset??

                          We believe in innovation as a mindset. Innovation starts from a willingness to make things better or do things differently. We encourage our employees to develop new ideas – whatever their job area – put a strong focus on supporting cross-cultural and cross-functional exchanges. We distill inspiration by inviting tech or community influencers to our offices, and by encouraging our employees to attend local and international conferences. We also encourage exchanges with the startup eco-system – including accelerators and incubators – which provide another great source of inspiration. 

                          Innovation methods, tools and means

                          In order to foster innovation, we favor ideation by organizing regular cross-cultural brainstorming sessions and hackathons, and we have a dedicated team in place to support these activities. Once a great idea has been captured, it is refined and developed using the business model canvas, customer reviews and top management vetting. In recent years we have been encouraging quick market assessment, with prototyping and testing, as we believe that the 'try and fail fast' method makes for the best learning cycle. We are focused on creating an agile culture to sustain our innovation development; this helps us maintain both a consistent vision and a customer-oriented delivery. In addition, we have launched a number of internal social media tools, allowing us to create innovation and tech communities that leverage the diversity of our employees from all over the world. 

                          ?Gemalto incubation process?

                          In addition to keeping our products up to date and answering our customers' expectations, we are also diversifying our business through innovation incubation. In 2010, we created an incubation garage where our employees can develop ideas and concepts identified for an adjacent business. Using agile methods and state of the art of business exploration, prototyping methodology and guerilla testing, we validate these new concepts.?