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                          ????????Gemalto is the fastest growing provider of driver's license and identification (DL/ID) solutions in the United States. Globally, Gemalto has an extensive global presence and robust experience in driver's license, ID, ??healthcare, and border programs.

                          In 2014, Gemalto acquired MarquisID Systems (MIDS), a premier US provider of fully integrated solutions and services for Driver's License and Identification. Today, ?Gemalto uniquely serves each individual market and has strong references within the United States, in Canada, and over 70 countries worldwide. T?he team supports customers across regions to share best practices and best meet individual needs. 

                          Gemalto is proud to serve our customers and work alongside them to provide the most secure, advanced and field-proven products. Our portfolio includes flexible solutions for central or over-the-counter DL/ID issuance; digital driver's licenses; document verification; photo, signature, and fingerprint capture; biometric matching and case investigation, and MVDLS for DMV modernization?.?

                          Core OFFER

                          Our core driver's license offer is centered upon three key elements: the Information Capture Systems and process, the back-end or browser-based interface, and the credential product and issuance. In each of these three areas, Gemalto is dedicated to providing uncompromised service and support of a technical superior solution leading to a higer level of client satisfaction.

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                          Extended OFFER

                          Gemalto's extended offer to state and provincial governments encompasses the services beyond the standard driver's license enrollment and production, including some of our most innovative solutions and products. We know the unique challenges faced by government entities and have built all of our solutions tailor-made for governments with these needs in mind?.

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                          Blog Posts

                          • Posted on Dec 18, 2018

                            Physical vs Digital: why both worlds matter for drivers’ licenses

                            We look at the history of drivers’ licenses, and why both digital and physical licenses need to be secure.

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                          • Posted on Oct 19, 2018

                            Wearable Technology: The Next Big Thing for DDL is Here

                            As the adept leader in digital identification, our DDL solution has gotten in on the wearable technology action.

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                          • Posted on Sep 04, 2018

                            Facing the Facts about Digital Identity Interfaces

                            While DDL stands apart in its carefully designed user interface, the crucial element in an effective digital ID framework is the way that information is securely exchanged between licensee and verifier.

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