Core driver's license offer

                          ? Driver's License Example.jpg 

                          The Gemalto core offer is centered upon three key elements: 

                          1. the information capture systems and process, 
                          2. the back-end or browser-based interface, 
                          3. and the credential production and issuance.

                          In each of these three areas, Gemalto is dedicated to providing uncompromised service and support of a technically superior solution leading to a higher level of client satisfaction.

                          ???Card Plastics 

                          Gemalto has a longstanding history of producing secure identity documents in more than 100 different countries around the world?.  We understand that each customer has specific requirements for their DL/ID cards, which can include durability/longevity, color photo requirements, anti-tampering features, etc.  Gemalto offers a suite of substrates available to meet each of these needs: PET/PVC; Polycarbonate (PC); and Color in PC. 

                          Each of our card offerings follow the current AAMVA standard for the production of driver’s licenses and identification documents for our North American customers, and incorporate REAL ID requirements.

                          ??PET??-F /??? PVC Cards?

                          Our standard offer for customers that require a color photo and a durable substrate with a 5-10 year shelf-life, is the PET/PVC card. The PET core is an excellent substrate for security printing.?
                          Made from layers of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate Film) and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) bonded together with adhesives and pressure, Gemalto offers both opaque and translucent options. Our clear PVC layer has been proven to be an excellent substrate to apply secure laminates to during post-personalization. Gemalto’s PET/PVC card is personalized via thermal retransfer printing. Composite cards provide a secure option where color photos are required.  

                          Polycarbonate??? Cards (PC)

                          Gemalto has years of experience in polycarbonate documents. In 1989, we issued the first polycarbonate ID document (the Finnish driving license), and the first passport with a polycarbonate datapage in 1997.  

                          ?Polycarbonate, or PC, is a type of thermoplastic that has excellent molding and thermoforming properties. It is exceptionally robust and employed for a variety of purposes such as bullet-proof glass and indestructible eye-glasses. In terms of identity documents, polycarbonate makes it possible to incorporate a significant number of additional security features inside the document similar in effect to watermarks on bank notes, and positive and negative embossing, which are used for tactile recognition. It also lasts a minimum of ten years. 

                          There's more.

                          One property unique to polycarbonate cards is that they cannot be delaminated, which makes them extremely tamper-resistant. A polycarbonate identity document is created by fusing together multiple layers of polycarbonate in a glue-free process, using temperature and pressure. It is impossible to separate layers (foils) of polycarbonate that have been fused together during the lamination process. The result is a single, solid document.  

                          ?The most widely used polycarbonate ID personalization technique is laser engraving, which results in the formation of a permanent black mark inside the documents. This mark is precise and non-reversible. By default, the photo is black and white, with shades of grey and high contrast. However, Gemalto has now made color photos available in PC using color laser marking.

                          Color ?in Polycarbonate

                          The security printing industry has long pursued to unite the benefits of laser-personalized polycarbonate ID with the detail and richness of color photo. 

                          Gemalto Color Laser Shield technology achieves the highest levels of resolution and counterfeit protection.

                          Fitting seamlessly with governments' issuance workflows, it uses blank documents uniquely protected against fraudulent personalization.

                          The unrivalled security performance delivered sets a new benchmark in laser personalization solutions.

                          During personalization, the color photo is marked precisely, permanently and irreversibly in the document's inner layer, using color lasers.

                          This is based on the principle of selective bleaching.

                          What's the story here?

                          Special pigments (ink) fade when irradiated with laser light at a specific wavelength and strength. 

                          Gemalto Color Laser Shield technology uses three lasers (blue, green and red) with three different wavelengths for all primary colors. Each primary color (magenta, yellow and cyan) is bleached through a different laser wavelength. By mixing the primary colors, a variety of colors can be produced in photographic quality. The color of every picture element can be achieved through the use of a different intensity of the laser beam. Any primary color can be split into 256 levels.


                          More on identity fraud protection? in our December 2017 web dossier.? 


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                          ??Manufacturin??g and issuance (central and over the counter)

                          Whether a jurisdiction wants to issue their credentials over-the-counter (OTC), centrally issue via one of our North American issuance centers, or centrally issue from one of their facilities, Gemalto provides the card design services, card production capabilities and the required software and hardware necessary to personalize and issue credentials.

                          Gemalto believes that in order to have a truly secure program, every aspect of the supply chain has to be treated securely. We start our process by manufacturing credentials in the most secure facilities in the industry, with more security certifications than any other company. Each of our certifications holds us to standards that ensure full traceability of each and every card from manufacturing through issuance. These certifications not only cover the physical security but also address logical security to ensure that the data we receive from our customers is properly protected and fire-walled from outside access. 

                          Our customers are confident in our comprehensive approach, stringent processes, and secure environments.?

                          Image Capture Solution

                          Our credential information capture solution is a comprehensive and fully customizable offering that includes photo, signature, document, and fingerprint capture.?

                          The Image Capture Workstation (ICW) is extremely simple, but powerful. We create streamlined equipment and processes for your CSR workstation based upon the specific needs required for each jurisdiction. Our ICW includes all equipment necessary to effectively and efficiently capture citizen information, which operates seamlessly with our back-end processing system.

                          Integrates all equipment for easy desktop implementation

                          Gemalto provides, installs, and supports all equipment including monitors, document verification, scanners, laser printers, signature pad, cameras, backdrop, fingerprint capture, etc. This equipment is completely customizable and will be tailored to meet the exact specifications appropriate for each issuing entity. This comprehensive package creates a stable, user-friendly platform that will help to streamline your information capture process.?

                          Enables quick setup and smooth operation with all required software

                          ?The applications and drivers for all devices/equipment are installed on the local CSR workstation during the initial solution implementation. Our easy-to-use software relies on a "one screen approach" which allows an operator to view and process all applicant information within a single screen. All software is optimized for light installation and requires only a small amount of space and operating capacity.

                          Incorporates the latest technology for superior performance

                          Our Auto Photo Enhancement feature eliminates the need for operator intervention during the photo capture process. The custom photo finder/fixer technology automatically detects, enhances, and crops the applicant photo ensuring consistent and reliable results. Our signature capture device uses superior smoothing and enhancing technology to produce high-quality signatures the first time, every time. These key distinguishing features are just a few of the ways in which our technology provides a better, more consistent operator and citizen experience.?

                          Backed by our unparalleled client satisfaction and support

                          Even the simplest of software implementations requires both onsite training and remote support. Rest assured that customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to the Gemalto team. We stand behind our solutions and will ensure your implementation happens smoothly and within the timeline that you need. Gemalto's involvement in your modernization process doesn't end with the signing of a contract. We will be there every step of the way to guide you and support you, before, during, and after.???

                          Beyond the core DL/ID offer, we provide additional technology and services, including digital driver's licenses, automated ID verification, and eGov solutions. Discover our extended driver's license offer?


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