Cloud Security Solutions for Enterprises

                          The cloud is helping your business move forward, faster. But this digital transformation doesn’t come without risk. Wherever your data goes, from public, private, hybrid, or virtual cloud environments, you need to know that it will remain secure and your business will be compliant.  

                          Gemalto offers a comprehensive portfolio of identity and access management and data protection solutions that ensure you are the only one who controls access and keys to your data - especially across multi-tenant, geographically distributed sites. 

                          Our Solutions

                           Maximize security and control in the cloud with Gemalto’s portfolio of SafeNet access management, authentication, encryption and key management solutions. These flexible solutions can be deployed on-premises or on demand from the cloud and integrate with a growing ecosystem of today’s leading technologies, so your data stays secure now and into the future as your business continues its digital transformation.


                          Cloud Access Control Center  

                          Cloud Based Security as a Service

                          With Data Protection on Demand, deploy and manage encryption, key management, and hardware security modules services from a cloud based platform. Focus on services, not hardware, deploy in minutes, purchase only what you need to reduce costs, protect data anywhere, report in real-time, and integrate easily with existing apps, IT infrastructure & services. 

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                          Secure Migration to the Cloud and Virtual Data Centers  

                          Secure Migration to the Cloud and Virtual Data Centers

                          Maintain ownership and control of your sensitive information, manage privileged user access, safeguard against the damage of exposure of data, and ensure compliance as you migrate to virtual data centers or multi-tenant public cloud environments.

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                          Secure Encryption for Sensitive Data in the Cloud  

                          Secure Encryption for Sensitive Data in the Cloud

                          Ensure transparent, efficient, and unmatched data protection with Gemalto's portfolio of encryption solutions that secures sensitive data in databases, applications, file servers, virtual instances and machines, and storage in your virtual, public cloud, and hybrid environments.

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                          Cloud Access Control Center  

                          Cloud Access Control Center

                          Centrally control and manage access to network and cloud applications with the ability to verify a user’s identity, assess and apply the appropriate access policy, and enforce access controls using single sign on.

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                          Secure Cryptographic Keys in the Cloud

                          Deliver on-demand, elastic crypto services for data protection via cloud environments. Manage crypto and encryption services, including storage of cryptographic keys and centralized key and policy management simply, efficiently and securely.

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                          Secure Data in Motion in the Cloud  

                          Secure Data in Motion in the Cloud

                          Safeguard data in motion with high-speed Layer 2 encryption designed to meet network performance demands for real-time low latency and near-zero overhead to provide security without compromise for data traversing the cloud.

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                          Cloud Security Solutions IconEmbrace the Cloud with Gemalto Cloud Security Solutions

                          • Ensure security and compliance in the cloud. Gemalto ensures protection from the edge to the core, to enable you to retain complete control over how data is isolated, protected, and shared - even in multi-tenant cloud environments.

                          • Take a practical migration path to the cloud. Gemalto 's modular architecture allows you flexible and efficient cloud migrations, according to your business objectives and security policies, whether you're looking to secure access to SaaS applications, encrypt storage in the cloud, protect links between private and public clouds, and more.

                          • Fully leverage the benefits of the cloud. Built to support virtualized environments, Gemalto's high-performance solutions enable centralized governance and management of sensitive data, applications, and systems across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments.      
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