Customer Stories

                          Cards & Payments

                          • Digital bank Tinkoff achieves mass rollout of Black metal cards to the Russian market

                            For those who are used to getting more. Standing out from the crowd in the Russian payment market is no easy task, constantly having to differentiate yourself from well-established banking leaders as well as emerging fintechs. Which is why challenger bank Tinkoff made a strategic move by launching a distinctive Black card made of metal to meet the needs of its most affluent and demanding clients

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                          • Fingerprint card

                            RBS Group adopts fingerprint biometric contactless payment cards

                            The first banking brand in the UK to offer the combination of the two popular technologies, contactless and fingerprint ID, in a single bank card.

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                          • Case study: The Curve card goes full metal jacket in 2019

                            The Curve card goes full metal jacket in 2019

                            Discover Curve Metal, Curve’s metal card for the “experience generation”. What’s new with Curve card and what’s Gemalto contribution.

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                          • Rio 2016

                            Contactless transport wristband and sticker for the Rio Olympics

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                          • Contactless technology gives UK major bank a boost

                            UK major bank case study: Gemalto's contactless boosting technology

                            When it comes to innovation, the UK’s banking leaders are ahead of the pack. They know how to maintain their premier position in the competitive banking world, concentrating their efforts on the customer service, innovation and quality to build a brand image that stands the test of time.

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                          • Hellenic bank

                            Hellenic Bank: PayBand & payment wristbands based on contactless technology from Gemalto

                            Wristbands and other accessories tend to come in and out of fashion each year, but one item that’s not likely to fall out of favour any time soon is the payment wristband, which is becoming the must-have accessory on the beaches of Cyprus this year thanks to Hellenic Bank.

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                          • Contactles comes to Eurovision

                            Contactless comes to Eurovision

                            Back in the 1970s and 1980s, if you talked about something wearable at the Eurovision Song Contest, you were probably referring to the extravagant outfits, strange hats or unbelievable footwear worn by the contestants. But nothing stays the same – Australia is now, mysteriously, part of the annual European competition, and the something wearable is a nifty wristband that enables you to pay for drinks and snacks in the same way as you would with a contactless card.

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                          • Saracens wristbands

                            Next generation match day experience

                            More Fun – No Hassle with Saracens wristbands It’s time to kick-off the next generation of match-day experiences - All thanks to NFC, mobile apps and smart event platforms.

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                          • Coop Bank Denmark

                            Coop Bank Denmark was the first to commercially deploy our Optelio Contactless EMV Eco Cards. These cards are still able to offer all features that their customers expect, with creative artwork that set the designs apart from the crowd, such as contactless capabilities and availability in EMV and Dual Interface.

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                          • bio-sourced Optelio EMV payment cards

                            Bank of Aland

                            Gemalto is supplying its bio-sourced Optelio EMV payment cards to support The Baltic Sea Project, a major environmental initiative by pioneering Scandinavian bank, Bank of ?land.

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                          • Bio Sourced card for Banco Popular Dominicano

                            Gemalto developed the Bio Sourced card with a body made entirely from renewable resources for Banco Popular Dominicano, the Dominican Republic’s leading bank. Not only will customers benefit from an environmentally-friendly, artistic, high-quality product, but they’ll also enjoy discounts on sporting events, restaurants and hotels.

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                          • CaixaBan

                            Gemalto collaborates with CaixaBank in the launch of its contactless wristband

                            Spanish consumers are a savvy bunch, so payments businesses operating in the country are keen to go the extra distance to stay abreast of trends in innovation. CaixaBank was the first one to propose a ground-breaking product to make contactless payment more fun and easy to use. They launch their program which has attracted media attention with the rollout of the largest European scheme using contactless wristbands to make live Visa payments.

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                          • Gemalto helps PrivatBank create the contactless habit

                            Ukraine’s PrivatBank is at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to payment cards. They took decision to embrace mobile and contactless technologies to encourage people making payment via contactless and eventually via a mobile phone and have found Gemalto Sticker the most innovative and cost efficient solution to meet this goal

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                          Digital Payment

                          • Octopus card into Samsung Pay Hong Kong

                            Hong Kong's Octopus integrates with Samsung Pay with Gemalto Trusted Service Hub solution

                            This new mobile payment service enables consumers to securely pay and travel by simply tapping their Samsung phones on an Octopus reader, regardless of their mobile operator.

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                          • El Corte Inglés card digitization on Samsung Pay

                            El Corte Inglés: companion digitized cards can be created in an instant

                            Spain's biggest department store, El Corte Ingles has selected Gemalto’s Trusted Service Hub to provide the entire digitalization and tokenization process. The payment solution is based on PURE, a white label payment application which brings EMV technology to private label cards..

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                          • DNP logo

                            Apple Pay in Japan

                            DNP and Gemalto can now address Felica payment in Japan thanks to the latest release of their cloud-based mobile payment solution.

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                          ebanking & eCommerce

                          • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) to be in compliance with the PSD2 Regulation

                            Discover how Nordea In Finland implemented Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) to be in compliance with the PSD2 Regulation

                            Learn how Nordea in Finland is achieving PSD2 compliancy with future proof SCA
                          • Japan Net Bank: Blazing a trail with Ezio Display Cards

                            Japan Net Bank: Blazing a trail with Gemalto Display Cards

                            The first Internet-only bank is now the first Japanese bank to deploy display cards

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                          • United Kingdom - Strong authentication for online banking

                            Over one million Barclays Bank customers now use its PINsentry? smart card reader, which offers stronger authentication for online banking. Since the deployment of Gemalto’s solution not one PINsentry customer has suffered fraud. User feedback has proven extremely positive with customer acceptance 30% higher than anticipated. With PINsentry, Barclays customers generate One-Time-Passwords to authenticate themselves at log in, and also use it to sign transactions, by inserting their usual chip-enabled bank card into the reader and typing in their card PIN code. This provides a much higher level of security than authentication using static credentials.

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                          • ING Logo

                            Belgium - 1 million customers

                            1 million customers will benefit from more secure online banking. ING Belgium, part of the global ING Group, is using Gemalto’s suite of end-to-end strong authentication solutions to help meet the country’s strict regulations for online security and to address the growing hacker threat. The offering includes the Gemalto Class card reader, which gives customers secure access to their bank accounts from anywhere that has an internet connection.

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                          • Ireland - Secure online banking in Ireland

                            Allied Irish Banks (AIB) is extending its online banking offering for customers, using Gemalto’s solution to provide additional security features. Gemalto is delivering the complete, future-proof Gemalto solution, including strong authentication software,Club EMV card readers and consulting services. “Simplicity and convenience for our customers were determining factors in our selection of Gemalto’s solution,” said Diarmuid Hanrahan, AIB’s Head of Payments and eChannel Development.

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                          • Serbia - Safer shopping in Serbia

                            Banca Intesa, the leading financial institution in Serbia, has selected Gemalto’s Classic reader to secure its eCommerce services. The reader will enable users to make online purchases with the security level guaranteed by the EMV banking card. Gemalto Classic, one of the world’s first smart card based strong authentication solutions used for securing eCommerce, is extremely easy to operate. Users insert their banking card into the reader and enter their PIN on the keypad; the device then generates a One Time Password that they can type in to make eCommerce purchases securely.

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                          • Nigeria - A scalable solution for Nigeria

                            InterSwitch, a leading provider of secure electronic payment solutions in Nigeria, is deploying Gemalto’s complete strong authentication solution to secure its ePayment services. Gemalto has supplied its Strong Authentication Server, as well as delivering EMV card readers and unconnected tokens, all customized with InterSwitch’s logo. As a result, InterSwitch can now enable its banking customers to perform secure eTransactions using either their EMV card and reader or a token.

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                          • Germany - A German reader

                            Gemalto has launched Optical TAN, a unique optical authentication reader for online banking, specially designed for Germany. The reader is the size of a credit card and fits in a wallet. To carry out and sign online transactions, the user simply holds the device in front of their computer screen; optical sensors capture the data the user would normally enter from the reader’s keypad.

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                          Services for banks

                          • MassMutual Card Instant Issuance

                            MassMutual, An US success story with Gemalto’s Instant Issuance solution

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                          • Carrefour Banque: C-zam account with Gemalto Digital PIN

                            Gemalto is supplying Market Pay, a payment institution wholly-owned by Carrefour Group.

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                          • Fight fraud and serve legitimate clients

                            ID Verification

                            Norway's national post and logistics service grows business and strengthen fraud protection with Gemalto’s ID Verification

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                          • AllAboutMe is the award-winning turnkey card design application that allows cardholders to create their own personal cards onlin

                            Cards customization

                            ???Leading US finance cooperative America First Credit Union grows business and customer retention with Gemalto’s AllAboutMe

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                          • Digital PIN

                            Intesa Sanpaolo accelerates its digital banking transformation with Gemalto’s Digital PIN

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                          • Al Rajhi Bank in Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest Instant Issuance rollouts worldwide

                            Al Rajhi is delivering more than 20,000 cards per day, making it one of the largest roll-outs of any instantly issued smart banking card program.

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                          • NewBanking and Gemalto is enabling GDPR and AML data compliance through innovative collaboration

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                          • French bank LCL introduces an innovative PIN by SMS service

                            Banks provide their customers a fast, seamless and interactive card renewal experience helping? them during the whole life cycle of their card.

                            Find out how banks are taking advantage of new mobile technology?
                          • EMV Instant Issuance

                            Cairo Amman Bank introduce the first EMV Instant Issuance in Jordan

                            Instant card delivery with self-selected PIN code is removing the extra expense associated with card fulfillment via post and PIN mailing. An up to 70% reduction cost amongst major benefits.

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                          • Increasing Issuing Numbers for Al Rajhi Bank

                            Follow the success story of Al Rajhi Bank in Saudi Arabia with one of the biggest Instant Issuance rollouts

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