Secure Component Solutions Unit created to offer leading edge components & advanced technologies


                          The creation of the new Secure Component Solutions Unit will enable customers to benefit from Gemalto's advanced technologies and techniques, incorporating them into secure document programs swiftly and efficiently. 

                          The new unit draws on a range of over 40 industry-proven security components and features, encompassing the diverse array of printing, production and verification methods necessary to frustrate today's sophisticated counterfeiters.

                          The new Secure Component Solutions Group leverages very robust and global experience in the high security printing industry, including unrivalled commitment to research and development, active involvement in international standards organizations, and participation in over 200 current customer programs.

                          ?Defending ID documents against attack

                          Security features can be overt and covert, visible and invisible and even secret???.

                          More precisely l?evels of identity security?? are classified in 4? ?categories.

                          Traditional high security features available for all Gemalto documents include guilloches background printing, rainbow printing, invisible fluorescent printing or mixed into visible ink, intaglio printing and micro-printing, OVIs and modified fonts just to name a few. 

                          These security features can be found on the Swedish e Passport for exemple.??

                          Discover some of our Level 1 and Level 2 security features in this video.

                          ??Unique document security features?

                          At Gemalto we recommend 100% polycarbonate datapages or cards, tamperproof solid card bodies that are impossible to delaminate and that enable the deployment of some ve?ry unique security features.

                          • ??A strong visible security feature is the Gemalto Window - a transparent window created inside the card making it impossible to copy and enabling quick checking. Laser engraving and several optical elements can also be combined within the window. Any attempts by forgers to tamper with the document will be immediately visible.We detail, in our March 2017 report on transparent elements, the future of "windows" and how it can improve ID fraud prevention?.
                          • Window Lock is a highly innovative securi??ty concept which is easy to see and verify with the naked ?eye.
                          • Clear to Cyan Sealer technology embeds a transparent color-shifting OVD? (optically variable device), such as a patch or strip, into the credential. These devices using are easy to see but hard to replicate.
                          • ?True Vision reveals brilliant true-color images under UV light. 
                          • The new family of Gemalto’s innovative ?Secure Surface? features enhances the security of polycarbonate identity documents by combining different effects: light reflection, movement and tactile effects.?
                          • Unique in the market, Edge Sealer is a laser engraving process applied during the personalizationstage. Documents are laser-etched with markings along the edge of the document, thus adding an additional layer of security. The laser engravings ideally relate to the holder’s personal information, using their name, serial number, or other unique information. 
                          • Making forgery even more difficult, the  Laser Sealer feature insures that criminals can’t change or add laser engraved information after personalization has taken place. The laser engraved image, signature or data is digitally manipulated to include slightly visible security marking. Post-lasering will be revealed by visible marks in the document.?
                          • Color Laser Shield is the first laser printing solution to deliver an unalterable color image combined with the high security and exceptional durability of polycarbonate at personalization stage.
                          Sealys Window 


                          The Swedish eID (zoom on CLI) 

                          The Swedish eID
                          (zoom on CLI)

                          Sealys Edge Sealer? 

                          Edge Sealer

                          Sealys Color in Polycarbonate 

                          ? COLOR LASER SHIELD


                          Gemalto se?cure documents have the highest electronic level of security with  its embedded software for electronic passports and other electronic identity documents, further enhancing the security of the document itself.?

                          As you will see on our web site, Gemalto has a wide variety of innovative security features that are available. These features are customizable according to your needs.?

                          Sadly, there is no "silver bullet" of document security.

                          So, how can we really help?

                          High security for passport and why paper still matters in 2018

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                          Document security and design 

                          Our knowledge is combined with close co-operation and consultation with security experts and forensic laboratories, as well as the know-how of Gemalto's own dedicated team of engineers.

                          We offer extensive experience and support, enabling our customers to meet their expectations for distinct and robust documents that are as secure as they are attractive. As a result, we're proud to have designed some of the most secure and attractive passports, IDs and driver licenses to appear in recent years.

                           An optimal level of document security advocates collective defensive elements as part of an integrated approach to document protection that involves: 

                          1. Materials
                          2. Product structure
                          3. Technologies
                          4. Security features
                          5. Graphical design.??

                          The various component elements can be made to reinforce each other’s effects to provide enhanced security on any document.