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                          • How is facial recognition evolving? Dimitrios Pavlakis, ABI Research

                            Industry Analyst Dimitrios Pavlakis from ABI Research defines facial recognition and its potential role in IoT. He also shares his vision on data security concerns and the need for regulations.

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                          • Philippe Vallée at Digiworld 2018

                            Gemalto CEO, Philippe Vallée, presented at the DigiWorld Summit

                            The Gemalto CEO, Philippe Vallée, presented at the DigiWorld Summit in Paris, November 28th . More than 800 people attended to learn more about clients and usages of the digital world. Philippe presented its vision on the next generation digital security showing how Gemalto is protecting the entire life cycle of the digital service. The DigiWorld summit is organized by Idate DigiWorld, a France-based industry analyst.

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                          • What is the future for the commercial drone industry?

                            Trusted rollout for commercial drones hinges on regulation, cyber security, connectivity, and being able to process data from drones in a standardized way. Find out more with Peter Richardson, Research Director at Counterpoint.

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                          • Frost & Sullivan Award

                            Gemalto earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 Customer Value Leadership Award in Middle East and Africa for PURE

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                          • Gartner’s Market Guide for User Authentication

                            The authentication market changes rapidly. But Gemalto remains ahead of the curve.

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                          • Gemalto seeks to enable an ‘internet of trust’ for IoT

                            Gemalto′s Internet of Trust – 451 Research report

                            As IoT demand grows and competition increases, Gemalto offers the building blocks to address the IoT challenges and simplify the overall IoT journey. Download the report from analyst house 451 Research, which looks at Gemalto′s ability to enable the ′internet of trust′ for IoT.

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                          • New mobility services & systems

                            Christine Caviglioli speaks with Frost & Sullivan about new mobility services & systems

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                          • Alain Martin at MWC 2017

                            Mobile Payments, and Biometrics

                            Alain Martin speaks with Frost & Sullivan’s Jean Noel Georges, at MWC 2017, about the future of mobile banking, mobile payments, remote payments, biometrics and what is in store for the industry.

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                          • ACT Canada

                            Gemalto won the 2016 ACT Canada IVIE Award in the “Privacy by Design” category for its ID Verification solution

                            ACT Canada is the internationally-recognized association driving payment evolution and digital identity. The IVIE Awards, celebrate innovation in payments and digital identity products and recognize the ingenuity of the winners and the value that implementations of emerging technologies bring to the market.

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                          • Gartner

                            Gartner's Market Guide for User Authentication

                            According to Gartner, “By 2019, 90% of new and refreshed user authentication deployments for small and midsize organizations will be delivered via cloud, up from less than 50% today." Get the latest insights on trends, vendors and solutions.

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                          • Juniper

                            Juniper Released M2M Market Trends - Gemalto Established Leader in the Juniper Leader Board


                            Positioning & Matrix ResultsPositioning & Matrix Results - Juniper Leader BoardSource: Juniper, July 2016

                          • Juniper

                            Juniper Released Digital Content Business Model, Ranked Netsize-Gemalto Leader


                            Carrier Billing Vendor Positioning Matrix 2016Carrier Billing Vendor Positioning Matrix 2016Source: Juniper, July 2016

                          • Juniper

                            Juniper Ranked Gemalto among the key players in Online Payment fraud


                            Fraud Detection and Prevention (FDP) ?Vendor Positioning Matrix Fraud Detection and Prevention (FDP) ?Vendor Positioning Matrix Source: Juniper, Online?? Payment Fraud, May 2016

                          • Juniper

                            Gemalto is Ranked Leader by Juniper in Mobile and Online Ticketing


                            Mobile and Online Ticketing ?Vendor Matrix?Mobile and Online Ticketing ?Vendor MatrixSource: Juniper, Mobile and Online Ticketing, April 2016

                          • Juniper

                            Juniper ranks Gemalto Leader in Contactless Payments

                            Juniper commented that Gemalto is a digital payments and security specialist with nearly 10 years’ experience.

                            NFC Vendor Positioning Matrix NFC Vendor Positioning MatrixSource: Juniper Contactless Payment 2016-2020, March 2016

                          • Juniper

                            Juniper Positions Gemalto Among the Key Leaders in the Connected Cars

                            Juniper said “As a leading provider of UICCs, Gemalto has an extremely strong position where cellular M2M is concerned in the connected car space”.

                            Connected Car Vendor Positioning Matrix Connected Card Vendor Positioning MatricSource: Juniper, Connected Cars, December 2015

                          • Juniper

                            Juniper Positions Gemalto Among the Key Players in its Internet of Things 2015-2020

                            Juniper said that in IoT Security: "Gemalto’s portfolio of end-to-end security solutions helps in establishing a trust between the different networked elements and entities".

                            IoT Vendor Positioning Matrix IoT Vendor Positioning Matric
                            Source: Juniper, Internet of Things 2015-2020, July 2015

                          • ?? ?ABI Research

                            ABI said Gemalto is number 1 in 3 Smart Card markets?

                            Source: ABI Smart Card and Secure ICs Market Update, July 2015

                          • Juniper

                            Juniper Releases the M2M & Embedded Devices


                            Source: Juniper, M2M and Embedded Devices, June 2015

                          • Juniper

                            Gemalto ranks Leader in the Juniper Mobile Money Transfer & Remittances Vendor Matrix


                            Source: Juniper Mobile Money Transfer & Remittances Vendor Matrix, June 2015

                          • Gartner

                            Gemalto is listed in the Gartner Market Guide for Issuer Tokenization?.

                            "Gemalto and HPS collaborate on a tokenization solution: HPS offers the core tokenization platform for account management, token vault and transaction management, and Gemalto offers the mobile gateway and cloud provisioning service. The SaaS service is managed by Gemalto in its secure data centers. Gemalto is the primary go-to-market brand, leveraging its global customer base in financial services and mobile industries."

                            Source: Market Guide for Issuer Tokenization, 18 June 2015

                          • Gartner

                            Gartner Competitive Landscape: License and Entitlement Management for 'Things' in the Internet of Things

                            Gemalto named among the top 5 players for Software monetization for the IoT

                            Gemalto acquired SafeNet in August 2014. The acquisition combines SafeNet's data protection and software monetization functionality with Gemalto's digital security, cloud data, software and transaction security.

                            As the IoT continues to evolve, flexible monetization solutions that leverage a broad ecosystem will be necessary. In light of its recent acquisition and in order to remain competitive in the LEM (license and entitlement management market), SafeNet (now Gemalto) must find the right balance of leveraging complementary parts of Gemalto, such as Gemalto M2M, while partnering with external third-party vendors to serve various industry use cases.?

                            Source: Gartner License and Entitlement Management for 'Things' in th?e Internet of Things, May 2015


                          • ?? ABI Research

                            Gemalto ranks in first position within ABI Research’s Payment
                            & Banking Card Technologies vendor matrix

                            It has a ubiquitous TSM approach, able to provide support and management for hardware-based secure elements, HCE, and TEE, and can leverage its strong partnerships with MNOs, banks, and financial institutions to connect service providers with the relevant entities to help scale uptake.

                            Gem?alto offers a TSM service, considered the most successful TSM platform worldwide to date

                            Gemalto can support HCE via its TSM hub, in an agnostic approach, covering any market eventuality. Recently it expanded its TSM hub solution to support TEE, showing the vendor’s understanding of the various differentiating needs of service providers.

                            Source: ABI competitive matrix for Payment, May 2015

                          • ??


                            ? The Gemalto/HPS end-to-end service is integrated, modular, and agnostic of the consumer device. It will secure account credentials for payment applications in rich mobile operating systems, secure elements (embedded and SIM), and trusted execution environments (TEE). The service is available in hosted or on-premises models…

                            …The Hub has everything an issuer needs to provision data for payment applications to any type of mobile device used by their cardholders SIM, eSE, TEE, or Host Card Emulation (HCE). The Hub also offers a software development kit that lets issuers customize payment apps to receive and manage tokens. ?

                            Source: Payment and Banking Card Technologies, May 2015

                          • ?? ABI Research

                            ABI said Gemalto is number 1 in 3 Smart Card markets


                            Source: ABI Smart Card Overview, March 2015

                          • 451 Research

                            Yankee Group says Gemalto adds tokenization options to Trusted Services Hub

                            ?Gemalto adds tokenization options to Trusted Services Hub: After spending the better part of 2014 dismissing HCE as an inferior approach to mobile payments, it seems the digital security giant has experienced a change of heart. Gemalto has bolstered its Allynis Trusted Services Hub to enable tokenized payments, which now supports HCE. As interest in hardware based mobile payment deployments subsides, players like Gemalto have to meet their clients where they're at by subscribing to a software approach.

                            Source: Yankee Group – 451 Research, March 2015

                          • ABI Research

                            Gemalto Ranked First in the ABI matrix for Transportation and Ticketing

                            First position within ABI Research’s transportation and ticketing card vendor matrix was awarded to Gemalto. Gemalto impressed across the board scoring highly within both the implementation and innovation categories, through its broad product portfolio, expansive global reach and penetration, market share positioning and innovative multi-application product lines. Gemalto additionally impressed through its range of NFC products and solutions which includes physical hardware products alongside TSM capabilities.
                            Gemalto has been awarded 1st position within ABI Research’s transportation and ticketing card vendor matrix. Its strong product portfolio, protocol support, market share positioning and NFC readiness and support were all important factors within Gemalto’s overriding first position ranking. Gemalto has quickly moved to establish itself in a leading position within the NFC market. Combining this with an already strong market presence will present Gemalto the ability to target its existing client base with mobile ticketing enablement on top of green field opportunities.

                            Gemalto has quickly moved to establish itself in a leading position within the NFC market. Combining this with an already strong market presence will present Gemalto the ability to target its existing client base with mobile ticketing enablement on top of green field opportunities.

                            Source: ABI matrix for Transportation and Ticketing Card, March 2015

                          • Juniper

                            Gemalto/Netsize Leader in the Juniper Mobile & Online Ticketing Vendor matrix

                            Source: Juniper Mobile Online Ticketing vendor Matrix, March 2015

                          • Juniper

                            Ovum releases its Decision Matrix: Selecting an Identity Management Solution for the Telecoms Industry

                            Gemalto ranked in the Top 7 players to watch

                            Gemalto is a leading provider of enterprise user authentication solutions. Its Protiva IDConfirm 1000 product’s strong capabilities enable tier-1 telcos to authenticate their employees’ identities for access to enterprise resources. Gemalto’s Mobile ID solution, provided by acquired asset Valimo, has been used extensively by a number of telcos to authenticate and provide simple access to online services. The vendor continues to strengthen its position in telco IDM, working with the GSM Association (GSMA) to realize the notion of telcos becoming mobile identity service providers. Potentially, the release of its cloud-based Mobile Identity platform could transform the vendor’s position within the telecoms industry.

                            Source: Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Identity Management Solution for the Telecoms Industry – October 2014

                          • ABI Research

                            ABI Claims Gemalto Leader in TSM?

                            Gemalto is the leading provider of TSM services. It has invested in its own data centers, which allow it to host and manage TSM services for clients rather than requiring them to invest to build their own data centers. In addition, Gemalto provides its TSM platform to customers’ clients, allowing them to utilize it in house, as a white-label offering. Gemalto has taken a broad approach, and although its focus is predominantly around access to physical secure elements (specifically its SWP SIM cards), it is also able to address what it sees as a potential market for cloud-based secure elements.
                            As of autumn 2013, Gemalto was promoting its “TSM Hub,” which is based upon a centralized TSM architecture into which multiple SPs and TSMs can connect. Its aim is to simplify TSM implementations, reduce CAPEX costs, improve time to market, and reduce the level of management of the MNO-SP relationship.

                            Source: ABI, TSM Strategies and Business Model, September 2014

                          • Juniper

                            Juniper Research ranks Gemalto in top position among Mobile & Online Banking players

                            Juniper Research published its forecast of the Mobile and Online Banking markets across both developing and developed markets. The report also analyses and ranks the various technology players that service providers should consider when firming their strategies and rolling out their offerings.

                            Gemalto's ranking in the most coveted position in the matrix is of high importance, given that this report will be referred to and referenced by potential customers as well as industry commentators and media.

                            Juniper specifically highlighted Gemalto's industry-wide relationships and partnerships as well as the breadth of the portfolio across Ezio Server, Ezio Mobile SDK,LinqUs Mobile wallet and TSM and Netsize mobile payments solutions.


                            Source: Juniper, July 2014, Mobile banking and Online Banking

                          • ABI Research

                            Gemalto named market leader in Government and Healthcare by ABI research

                            Gemalto has been ranked first in ABI Research's latest competitive assessment of leading suppliers for government and healthcare electronic documents such as smart card and passport, as well as associated solutions and services.

                            "Gemalto continues to innovate at the forefront of the ID market," said Phil Sealy, senior analyst at ABI Research. "In line with future market trends, the company is placing the emphasis on eGovernment enablement regardless of the device used by citizens – computers, smartphones, tablets and more."

                            Source: ABI, July 2014, Government and Healthcare & Identity markets report

                          • ? Juniper

                            Gemalto occupies a pivotal position in the NFC market,

                            supported by its extensive international presence and selection for TSM projects such as Singapore IDA and ISIS. Not only does Gemalto have a strong involvement in NFC payments projects, but its smartcard and NFC ticketing capability and worldwide reach gives it a commanding position in the market and its portfolio has been significantly enhanced through its acquisition of Ericsson IPX.??


                            Source: Juniper, April 2014, Contactless Mobile Payments NFC, iWallet & Host Card Emulation 2014-2018

                          • Juniper

                            Gemalto specializes in digital security, in which it offers secure software, devices and services to various industries that range from telecom and financial services to government and transportation.

                            Its competitive advantages include its global presence, mature solutions for banks and CSPs, and focus on security and NFC services.

                            ?Thus, it is a strong candidate for companies with global scale, interest in NFC, and razor-sharp focus on reliability and security.


                            Source: Gartner, March 2014, Competitive Landscape: Mobile Wallet Solution Providers, 2014

                          • Juniper

                            Gemalto benefits from its extensive worldwide carrier relationships to deliver payments services to billions of end users.



                            Source: Juniper, March 2014, Releases Mobile Payments for Physical & Digital goods

                          • Juniper

                            Frost&Sullivan Awards Gemalto for Customer Value Leadership for Border Control

                            "Frost & Sullivan was looking for a company that not only had a vision for a high-quality total customer experience, but used those insights to achieve growth above the industry average," commented David Frigstad, chairman of Frost & Sullivan. "Our market analysis of the Border Control and Biometrics sector highlights Gemalto's expertise in delivering end-to-end solutions that meet the combined needs of securing borders and simplifying travel procedures at land, sea and airport check points."

                            Source: Frost & Sullivan, March 2014

                          • ??? Gartner

                            Gemalto is once again positioned as a leader in Gartner User Authentication Magic Quadrant

                            The Gartner Magic Quadrant is a graphical representation of how Gartner positions authentication vendors in the marketplace, following its research each year. Gartner categorizes the vendors in the "niche players," "visionaries," "challengers" or "leaders" quadrant. A company's ability to execute and completeness of vision affect their position inside each quadrant.

                            Gemalto is once again positioned as a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for User Authentication. Every year, Gartner, Inc. performs an independent, in-depth analysis of vendors in the user authentication marketplace.

                            According to Gartner, leaders in this Magic Quadrant are vendors with a solid track record and, typically, a significant presence in the market. They have a clearly articulated vision that is in line with the market trends, and their vision is typically backed by solid technical innovation, as well as an understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by the Nexus of Forces. Leaders' business strategies and execution are very sound. Vendors in this quadrant can provide a strong solution for enterprises in different vertical industries across one or many use cases, typically including emerging needs pertaining to cloud and mobile. *

                            According to Gartner, by year-end 2016, about 30% of enterprises will choose cloud-based services as the delivery option for new or refreshed user authentication implementations – up from about 10% today. *

                            Download your copy of Gartner's Magic Quadrant for User Authentication


                            Source: Gartner (December 2013) **

                            * Gartner, Magic Quadrant for User Authentication, Ant Allan, 09 December 2013
                            ** This graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research document and should be evaluated in the context of the entire document. The Gartner document is available upon request from Gemalto. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner's research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

                          • Juniper

                            Juniper Says Gemalto at the Top of Mobile Banking's Matrix


                            According to Naomi Lurie, Marketing Director, Mobile Financial Service, from Gemalto, adoption rates of mobile financial services are growing rapidly:

                            • Mobile Banking specifically is witnessing tremendous growth in adoption
                            • Mobile Money in developing markets seeing positive growth, with a 49% CAGR in the number of customers in H2 2011
                            • Mobile NFC adoption [is also] growing, as new generation of "hero" phones, excluding iOS, are NFC-enabled. MNOs are laying the provisioning foundations through TSM, and banks are also getting equipped to issue payment cards over the air.


                            Source: Juniper interviewed Naomi Lurie, Marketing Director, Mobile Financial Service, Gemalto, November 2012

                          • Gartner
                            Gemalto mentioned as key service provider in report by Gartner Analyst covering Smart Cities

                            In this recent report Gartner analyst, Bettina Tratz-Ryan, look into how the increased population density complicates the task of adjusting city infrastructure according to population growth.

                            Their recommendation is that "IT leaders should look to Smart City as an innovative and comprehensive framework that uses Information & Communication Technology to generate a sustainable, contextualized and more citizen-centered service environment".

                            The publication develops a notion of an "E-Conomics" domain, where "the entire architecture is embedded in a transactional, billing or brokering domain that will create revenue-bearing models from this information flow and exchange".

                            E-Conomics: Apple, Atos, Automatic Data Processing, eBay, E-Chex, Gemalto, Google, Microsoft, PayPal

                            Source: Gartner - Innovation Insight: Smart City Aligns Technology Innovation and Citizen Inclusion
                            Published: 20 December 2012 by Bettina Tratz-Ryan

                          • Gartner

                            Gartner Releases Competitive Landscape: Trusted Service Managers for NFC Services, 2012


                            Trusted service managers (TSMs) will see increasing numbers of contract awards but will wait until at least 2015 to see meaningful revenue as secure Near Field Communication (NFC) services. The top five TSM providers will account for 80% of the market in 2015 calculated by the number of secure elements and card accounts managed.

                            Gemalto is recognized in this Gartner report as an example TSM providers

                            Source: Gartner - Competitive Landscape: Trusted Service Mana?gers for NFC Services, 2012
                            Published: 18 October 2012 by Sandy Shen

                          • Gartner

                            Gartner Releases Mobile NFC Payments Report


                            In Singapore, the Near Field Communication (NFC) call for cross-industry collaboration starts to address the concerns of infrastructure and economies of scale.

                            The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore's (IDA) initialized the NFC Call for Collaboration in 2011 and adopted one trusted service manager (TSM) model. The consortium, which is led by the IDA, is composed of Citibank, DBS and EZ-Link, as well as three local mobile operators: M1, SingTel and StarHub.

                            Gemalto is mentioned in this Gartner report as the sole TSM provider for Singapore

                            Source: Gartner, Mobile NFC Payments Demand Much More Than Cross-Industry Collaboration
                            Published: 22 January 2013 by Ethan Wang, Christophe Uzureau

                          • IDC

                            IDC Releases Elisa Secures Mobile Transactions and Enhances Customer Confidence via Gemalto PKI Mobile ID


                            Using the technology and platform supplied by Valimo Wireless, Elisa allows mobile phone users to:

                            • securely authenticate and digitally sign documents,
                            • confirm transactions and payments using any type of phone.

                            The solution combines strong security and ease of use, while also meeting regulatory requirements.

                            The Gemalto-Valimo mobile certificate solution has enabled introduction of new services, such as Elisa Wallet .

                            IDC believes that Gemalto is in a very strong position to capitalize on market trends, government and industry compliance demands with its secure identity solutions.

                            Source: Buyer Case Study: Elisa Oyj Secures Mobile Transactions and Enhances Customer Confidence via Gemalto PKI for Mobile ID
                            Published: Jan 2013 by Sally Hudson

                          • ABI Research

                            ABI Reports its Government and Healthcare Smart Cards and ICs Competitive Analysis

                            Gemalto claimed first position within ABI Research’s smart card government, healthcare and citizen ID vendor matrix. Scoring extremely highly within all criteria, Gemalto has demonstrated a focus on the government ID market, which is boosted by an excellent global reach and market share, along with a willingness to really push the boundaries within its multi-application and e-government service solutions.

                            Source: Government and Healthcare Smart Cards and ICS, Competitive Analysis
                            Published: 2012

                          • ABI Research

                            ABI Reports Payment Cards, Point Of Sale and Mobile Card Readers

                            Gemalto continued its dominance in the payments card industry, achieving 33.3% overall market share for 2011 payment card shipments. When compared to 2010, Gemalto actually lost 2.1% in share, but maintained the top spot with an overall increase in shipments (from 2010) of 23%. Gemalto already has a good foothold within the U.S., supplying banks and financial institutions with mag-stripe cards. Gemalto should be focused on maintaining and growing business within the U.S. to give them the highest possibility of contract wins once US EMV migration begins on a national scale.

                            Source: Payment cards, point of sale, and mobile card readers
                            Published: 2012

                          • Berg Insight

                            Berg Insight Releases Mobile Money in Emerging Markets

                            Gemalto expanded its solutions portfolio significantly in 2010 through the acquisition of Trivnet, a mobile payment vendor. This mobile payment technology forms the core of the company’s mobile money solutions that are targeted at emerging markets. The mobile money offering is complemented by a range of software and services that position Gemalto as an end-to-end solution provider for mobile financial services in both developed and emerging markets. The portfolio also includes Mobile NFC and Trusted Service Manager (TSM) services, mobile payments, mobile international remittance and secure mobile banking solutions.

                            Source: Mobile Money in Emerging Markets Published: Second Edition, 2012 by Lars Kurkinen