Comprehensive IoT Lifecycle Management Services

                          Optimizing device connectivity and performance for the long life of deployments 

                          ?Simplifying the IoT journey for IoT new adopters. Gemalto offers ready-to-connect devices, connectivity modules and terminals to help IoT service providers save time-to-market when developing IoT solutions.

                          IoT technology is complex, evolving and expanding with unprecedented speed. Tens of billions of new connections are expected in the decade ahead and this extraordinary growth is presenting difficult challenges for IoT ecosystem participants - network crowding, service disruption, short software lifecycles and increasing security concerns.

                          As the cellular IoT ecosystem booms, participants depend on steadfast connectivity reliability to ensure business continuity and to remain competitive. They also need to sustain and manage massive fleets of devices for long lifecycles of 10+ years, even as technology, networks and cyberattacks evolve.

                          Cellular IoT solution providers must ensure that

                          • Device connectivity is reliable, 24/7
                          • Device onboarding and data exchange to external platforms is secure
                          • Large fleets of devices can scale smoothly as business grows
                          • Devices are operating at peak performance

                          Discover Thales IoT Lifecycle Management Services

                          Thales delivers an array of IoT services that keep devices operating at peak performance to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction while reducing costs of operations and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

                          Device Lifecycle Management Services

                          IoT devices and large fleets of devices are often unattended and installed in hard-to-reach locations. Without a solid device lifecycle management strategy, maintenance costs can quickly skyrocket as technology evolves and fleets grow.

                          Thales embeds device lifecycle management features "as-a-service" into Cinterion? Modules and Terminals to help IoT services providers excel throughout their IoT journey. Thales IoT Device Lifecycle Management Services are offered in three categories:

                          • Update IoT Devices
                            The Thales Update Services category provides extremely efficient and secure IoT device software upgrades for any sized fleet, anywhere in the world. A Cinterion firmware repository as well as tools for automated update campaign execution streamlines and speeds processes.
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                          • Control IoT Devices
                            The Thales Control Services category monitors IoT device connectivity and application performance across entire fleets. Control services help collect insights to detect device behaviour anomalies in real-time and then determines appropriate corrective actions to run through your campaign tool.
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                          • Secure Device-to-Cloud
                            The Thales Secure services category is an industry-unique solution that secures the device-to-cloud journey leveraging security attributes embedded into the roots of connected devices. It supports automated, secure enrollment of devices into private and public clouds, and ensures data confidentiality and integrity at all times.
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                          Network Connectivity Management Services

                          The logistics and expense of manufacturing and shipping regional device SKUs for widely dispersed fleets have become time and cost-prohibitive. At the same time, the enormous number of IoT cellular connections has outpaced service providers' ability to track data consumption, making it exceedingly difficult to reconcile service contracts with actual connectivity needs.

                          Thales’ innovative Network Connectivity Management Services provides exceptional cellular service flexibility allowing device manufacturers to develop a single product design for all world regions. In addition, Thales services provide 24/7 visibility of global SIM data usage combined with advanced analytics that allows split-second decisions that improve the bottom line.  

                          • eSIM Provisioning and Network Subscription Management
                            As the world-leading provider of eSIMs, eUICCs and subscription management solutions, Thales simplifies IoT deployments and supply chain logistics for device manufacturers by enabling secure Over-The-Air (OTA) downloading of full mobile network operator profiles. Customers trust us to initiate secure, first-time connectivity on the first use of a device. We provide IoT services providers with fully flexible mobile subscriptions, supporting long-life worldwide deployments, as country of operation or mobile operators change over time.
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                          • IoT Data Plan Monitoring & Optimization
                            As the number of connected devices increases rapidly, the IoT Connectivity Smart Saver solution helps IoT service providers keep track of device data consumption and adjust IoT data plans in real-time, to ultimately reduce connectivity costs.
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                          • Trusted Device Lifecycle Management with Cinterion? Module Services

                            Reliable Connectivity, Scalability and Trust for IoT Solutions. Discover Gemalto′s off-the-shelf solution, built into the core of Cinterion Modules, to optimize and secure IoT deployments throughout their lifespan.

                            Gemalto Module Services