Card body and Packaging solutions

                          Increase your product visibility and stand out from the crowd


                          Packaging not only helps prevent tampering with the SIM card and content but also plays an important role in terms of brand promotion and differentiation.

                          Whether you require packaging that is ready for in-store display or targeted to highlight your eco-friendly approach, Gemalto has a large catalog of packaging products with an extensive choice of designs, materials and dimensions.

                          Gemalto also offers a unique portfolio of card body shapes, precuts and key fobs to ensure visual appeal and greater differentiation. You can use the card body support to hold all your essential information such as logistic bar codes, ICCIDs, phone numbers or even the PIN/PUK values that can be optionally protected with a scratch label.

                          Key features

                          • A one-stop shop for packaging and a unique interface for mobile operators
                          • Quality and security are assured from SIM production through packaging design to product delivery
                          • A broad portfolio of packaging products
                          • Large choice of card body and plug-in only product shapes.


                          From Micro to Nano: dealing with the rapid evolution of SIM cards


                          Mobile devices and handsets are evolving faster than ever. Faster, thinner, more powerful, shinier, more colorful, even curved… the list is endless and opportunities abound.

                          But what lies at the heart of this revolution The SIM card and the evolution of its form factor.

                          Handset manufacturers are increasingly adopting standardized MicroSIMs (the third form factor) which means that more operators are also embracing MicroSIM.

                          However, the latest iteration to hit the market (the NanoSIM, or 4FF) is creating a whole new challenge. As handset manufacturers start to move towards NanoSIMs, the question is how mobile operators will keep up

                          Adaptors and combi cards have been designed to address the issue of multiple form factors, but this leads to complex and costly challenges of their own (logistics, inventory and order management issues).

                          There is clearly a need for a solution to bridge the form factor decision, which is why Gemalto has just announced SIMTrio, an innovative product to which simplifies this process of SIM management.

                          With SIMTrio, mobile operators don’t need to choose one form factor over another, and they don’t have to deal with costly and complex headaches. Instead, they can offer all three SIM options to their customer base. With three plugs to address all 2FF, 3FF and 4FF devices and two thicknesses to ensure full ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) compliance, SIMTrio is the solution to form factor challenges.





                          Gemalto is at the forefront of digital security innovation for mobile communication, with leading mobile operators from around the world starting to mass deploy its UpTeq NanoSIMs for the latest model of smartphones. Gemalto’s global network of production facilities delivers best-in-class responsiveness and ability to scale up quickly for multiple customers to meet global demand simultaneously.

                          We have been an active contributor in ETSI in the design of the new fourth generation form factor (4FF) which is now the certified standard for the industry. The new NanoSIM from Gemalto meets the ETSI standards for thinner and smaller physical footprint, and is ready for NFC and 4G LTE. It is also available with a handy cardbody design for easy handling by mobile operators’ subscribers while still allowing space for branding and artwork.

                          2. Adapter


                          The Adapter offers unlimited backward compatibility with mobile handsets connectors supporting MicroSIM (3FF) and Plug-in (2FF).


                          • 3FF-only product: a SIM card with 3FF plug-in
                          • MicroSIM Duo: combining both 2FF and 3FF plugs on the same card body in a winning combination to improve flexibility and efficiency at warehouse and point of sale
                          • Adapters: available for compatibility with 2FF and 3FF plug-ins.

                          SEED, our new eco-friendly shape


                          As part of Gemalto’s ongoing quest for better ways to satisfy our customers, we have created SEED, a winning combination of smarter and smaller card bodies and packaging for markets that value sustainability. SEED uses brand new manufacturing technology for high-performance capacity.