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                          Software Monetization

                          ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????With over 30 years of experience, our Sentinel software monetization portfolio provides software companies and intelligent device vendors with software licensing, protection, and entitleme???????????nt management solutions that help them monetize their software and drive business growth. Whether in the cloud, embedded in hardware, or installed on p?remises, Gemalto's Sentinel portfolio helps customers extract the most value from their software.???

                          Our Solutions

                          • Entitlement Management Icon 
                            Integrate a web-based entitlement management solution with your back office for easy generation, reporting, and ongoing management of entitlements.
                          • Software Protection & Licensing Icon 
                            Safeguard your software products with a range of licensing solutions designed to protect against IP theft and reverse engineering.

                          • Cloud Monetization Icon 
                            Leverage the cloud to define, provision, control, and track both SaaS and on-premise applications using a cloud-based licensing and enforcement solution.
                          • Embedded to IoT Icon 
                            Give your software-driven intelligent devices the protection and remote management that's required in the IoT space, and maximize your profitability.

                          What's New?

                          • How Software is Powering the Hardware Renaissance

                            Our latest Ask the Experts live webinar will feature Mike Hogg, Director System Solutions & Partner at Zuhlke Engineering Ltd. and Christopher Holland, VP Cloud Services at Gemalto, who will help explore the key paradigms that are driving the shift from hardware to software-centric solutions.

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                          • 12 Ways to Turn Licensing Challenges into Business Opportunities

                            An eBook for software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers.

                            Download the eBook
                          • Embracing Software Propels Growth in IoT Era

                            Embracing Software Propels Growth in IoT Era

                            White paper exploring how device vendors must transform into software companies or become obsolete.

                            Download the white paper

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