Cloud Monetization

                          ?????????????????????????????????????????Gemalto's Sentinel Cloud? offering is the industry's first and only cloud-based licensing and enforcement solution?. It enables both pure-play and on-premise technology companies to leverage the cloud's full potential to define, prov?ision, control, and track their service offerings.

                          Available as either a pure cloud or hybrid licensing model, Sentinel Cloud offers the following benefits:

                          • Business Model Versatility – Introduce various consumption-based pricing models such as pre and post-pay, and make on-the-fly modifications without having to re-engineer.

                          • Real-Time Data Collection – Automate reports to support your billing process and gain access to a wealth of usage data that can be used to improve your strategic decision-making.
                          • License Compliance Enforcement – Ensure that customers are in compliance with your service agreement at all times. Monitor and enforce the defined access rights of any ?individual or enterprise.??


                          SAUTER Implements Sentinel EMS and RM

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                          Sentinel Cloud Licensing

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                          Sentinel Cloud is the industry’s first and only software licensing and entitlement management service delivered from the cloud.

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