Simplify journeys with contactless cards


                          Contactless cards offer passengers a faster, easier way to pay for travel. Research shows that a contactless transaction is 63% faster than using cash. Passengers just hold their card within two inches of a reader to pay or securely authenticate a traveller's ticket or pass. More than 800 cities around the world have already deployed the technology.

                          Key drivers for contactless cards in transport

                          Speed and convenience – more people are using public transport and expecting more from it. Contactless cards are proven to streamline journeys around the world.

                          Flexibility – operators and passengers are increasingly looking to contactless cards because they support multiple uses and cost-effective additional services.

                          Security – contactless cards offer people a more secure alternative to cash and reduce the risk of fraud.

                          Cost – transport operators can increase efficiency and reduce operating costs with contactless cards.

                          The advantages of contactless cards in transport

                          Transport authorities

                          • Reduce transport costs versus cash or paper tickets
                          • Provide a service that matches your citizens' new lifestyles
                          • Become more environmentally friendly
                          • Improve the image of your city.

                          Transport operators

                          • Increase throughput at the gates
                          • Offer commuters a better service
                          • Save money
                          • Reduce fraud and fare evasion
                          • Modernize and enhance your reputation.?

                          Why work with Gemalto?

                          There are two main reasons: technology and experience. We've completed contactless ticketing projects for numerous cities around the world. They chose us because of our experience. But, also, because of our complete portfolio of products and services. Here are four more reasons to work with us:

                          • We are ranked number one in the world for smart cards by ABI Research
                          • We have the widest range of technologies in the industry
                          • We have 15 years' experience
                          • We have rolled out 200 million cards worldwide
                          • We have contactless cards in 30 cities with more than 1 million people

                          More than just a card supplier

                          As you can imagine, implementing a new ticketing infrastructure can be a complex business. There's everything from back office management to personalising cards. When lots of different people do it, it gets even more complicated. That's why we guide transport operators through the various stages of deployment and support them with a range of products and services. We do much more than provide the cards.

                          Find out more about our range of products for transport: discover our Calypso cards, our wea?rable technology and contactle?????ss stickers.


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